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You may download the following files for your convenience:


By-Laws & Constitution

Coaches Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct


Appeals Policy – is currently in the By-Law process. Several wording changes were made prior to the first vote. An updated file will be on-line as soon as it has been provided to the webmaster.

Appeal – June

Additional Rules and Procedures (Date Adopted in parentheses, if known).


Bad Check Charge – A $25 bad check charge will be levied against anyone writing us a bad check. (Updated at General Meeting June 16, 2011)

Concession Stand – All parents of children playing at Laubach Park are required to work in the concession stand. A $50 deposit check will be required as collateral. The check will be returned when you work your shift. If you do not show up for your shift, the check will be cashed.


Fundraising – Directors are free to hold any number of fundraisers in order to keep their programs solvent.

Fundraising – All families must take part in the fundraisers – there are no exceptions. The penalty for any family who does not follow-thru on its financial obligation to the organization is that the child/children will be benched until the obligation is met.

Late Signup Fee – A $5 late signup fee will be charged at the director’s discretion, provided he/she advertises that fact with the signup dates.

Registration Fee – $17.50 of each registration fee will be withheld from the various programs and placed in the SYA general fund. (General funding budget approved at March 18, 2010 meeting)


Registration Fee – The registration fee to participate in SYA programs varies. Please check with individual directors regarding their sports.


Two-Party Checks – SYA does not accept any two-party checks. All checks must be made out to SYA.


Uniform Deposits – Directors may choose to require a uniform deposit for their sport & to select a uniform drop-off date. If the uniform is dropped off on that date, the deposit will be returned. If the uniform is not returned on the specified date, the deposit will be forfeited, and the child/children will not be able to signup/play for another sport until the uniform is returned. (confirmed 2000)


Volunteer Help – When a parent is asked to volunteer their time and refuses, their child will sit on the bench at the games until proper arrangements are made to help. (This does not include the coaches or managers spouses – they will only be called upon if necessary.)

Cheerleading – An age requirement of 16 has been established to help coach Cheerleading (08/20/2009)